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Training New Moms: The Practice (and Business) of Postnatal Fitness Instruction

  • Help your clients heal, recover, and adjust
  • Become confident helping a new Mom feel empowered, sexy, and strong
  • Take advantage of one of the most profitable niches

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The Practice of Postnatal Training ... Help New Moms With Better, Safer, and More Effective Training

  • Why a doctor's clearance doen't mean as much as you might think
  • How to pair rehab with fat loss
  • What does good/poor alignment look like
  • Understand diastasis recti and the various kinds of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • A full 12-week postnatal strength program
  • Finding the minimum effective dose

The Business of Postnatal Training ... Benefit from an endless stream of referrals in one of the most profitable niches.

  • How to support, encourage, and coach new Moms
  • Sample promotional materials that attracts and appeals
  • Strategies to encourage word of mouth referrals
  • Places to focus your outreach efforts
  • Become indispensible in your client's eyes

If You:

  • Feel like you want to offer your female clients a better service
  • and have felt that postnatal exercise advice is often haphazard and potentially dangerous
  • then you've found the solution to get them results so good that they can't stop talking about you

You'll be happy to hear that

  • it's possible to be confident training new Moms and that
  • postnatal training can be safe and efficient.
  • Not only that, but your buisness will go bonkers with referrals!

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You've seen them. Maybe you run them:

Baby boot camps, women's running groups, mommy and me classes, strollercise, and every run-of-the-mill trainer who markets to women.

Take a look inside these classes and you'll often find inappropriate exercise programming. Typical postnatal programming takes advantage of women who are less than comfortable with their new physiques and will do almost anything to get their old bodies back.

It's your job to guide these women on a safe, effective journey to where they feel sexy, confident, comfortable, and strong.

An Approach for Serious Trainers

Instead of overwhelming you with even more information, we’ve organized only the information and templates that you need to both do a great job with new Moms and promote yourself as an expert.

Just teaching you what you need to know about postnatal exercise instruction isn’t going to help your business grow. That’s why we forged a partnership to teach you what you need to know and learn precisely how to market your new abilities.

Avoid information overload. Make more money in less time. Focus on what matters and eliminate that which doesn’t.

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Training New Moms

The Practice (and Business) of Postnatal Exercise Instruction

The Manual

  • Thorough, yet succinct, and fully edited
  • Covers both the practice and business elements
  • Visual aids
  • 4 strategies for marketing to this population
  • Covers all major considerations, situations, and problems
  • A full, ready-to-go program for the first 12 weeks

Complete Video Library

Included is a complete 54-video library for your reference and to send to your clients. All exercises are demoed in addition to some cues.

Bonus #1 ($19 value)

C-Section and Regeneration Supplements

Clients will come to you after a C-Section and others who need special attention to regenerate or improve tissue quality. Let these two supplements be your guide.

Supporting Documents

A separate definition reference to make reading the manual easier and a list of scripts for awkward client conversations are included.

Bonus #2 ($99 value)

Done-For-You “Swipe” Promo Pieces

A good copywriter will charge at least $100 per promo piece. We’ve prepared 3 beautifully designed done-for-you flyers to help you get more clients. Simply print and use.


Introducing Your Coaches for

"Training New Moms"

10694218_10152774649754701_709670236487033691_o Jessie Mundell is the owner of JMG Fitness Consulting, a company dedicated to coaching women to improved health. Her final paper titled "exercise considerations for the prenatal client" helped her achieve a Master's in Human Kinetics degree from the University of British Columbia.

Her education led her to work with hundreds of women during and after pregnancy. She is focused on sound rehabilitation, bodies that function well, and women that feel incredible in those bodies. She aims to steer the conversation away from the “post-baby body” madness and into a place where women feel supported, encouraged, and confident.

Jon Goodman is the creator and head coach of the Personal Trainer Development Center (thePTDC) and author of Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful personal Training Career.

After a successful 8 years that spanned every aspect of the fitness industry from personal training to weight room management to senior trainer, Jon took a step away from training to focus on providing fitness professionals with efficient and scalable business systems.

Here's What Other trainers and Leading Female Fitness Authorities Have to Say:

" Jessie Mundell is my go-to resource for pre and post natal training. "

"Not only does she understand the importance of good movement, posture, and alignment and the role it plays in pre and post-natal training, but she understands how a woman's needs change as she goes through each stage of pregnancy, delivery, and post-pregnancy, and how to accommodate for those changes to keep her clients and their babies safe and healthy."

Molly Galbraith
Owner, Girls Gone Strong

"[...] making the pre/post natal client better one blueberry cued exercise at a time. "

"As someone who has a passion for seeing to it that more precise training and program design is provided for female fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike, I have found no better resource to my knowledge of working with pre/post natal clients than that provided by Jessie Mundell. Jessie is making the pre/post natal client better one blueberry cued exercise at a time!”

Jonathon Mummert
Owner, Mummert Fitness

"[...] I had been following her work. "

“As soon as I became pregnant with our second child, I knew Jessie was the expert trainer I wanted to work with!

As a personal trainer myself, I had been following her work and read everything she published on diastasis recti and postnatal healing, as I had developed this very special condition after my first child."


Sarah Schilkey

" [...] I have never, ever met a trainer like Jessie before"

“Jessie is one of the most passionate women I have ever met. In the length of time I've known her I've lost track of how many weekends she's spent her own time and money to attend courses and workshops around North America. I have never, ever met a trainer like Jessie before. When I recommend Jessie to friends I know I have just done them a huge favour. They are in VERY good hands and I know they will come back to me saying ‘wow, thanks!’"

Jennifer Campbell
Owner, Mama Lion Strong

" [...] Jessie's a rare triple threat"

“The depth of expertise that Jessie possesses in the area of postnatal fitness is unique in the fitness industry,where most trainers believe training a woman after birth is the same as training anyone else. Jessie's a rare triple threat of superior education, extensive experience and empathic approach to coaching is something all new moms can benefit from.”

Jill Coleman
Owner, JillFit Physiques

" [...] She’s a breath of fresh air"

"She’s a breath of fresh air in the postpartum exercise world where the pressure to “lose that baby weight” causes women to under eat and over exercise during a time when they need to nourish themselves. Jessie helps women get a great body after baby with none of the negative nonsense about “if you really want it” or “what’s your excuse. Jessie not only has incredible knowledge to help post-partum women get back on track, healed and healthy again but she is also realistic and caring – just what a new mama needs!”

Dr. Brooke Kalanick
Physician / Owner, Better by Brooke
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  • And pretty much anything else that you'll ever need to become the go-to postnatal fitness expert in your community

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Listen to what this mentor, who is in charge of developing over 200 coaches, has to say:

Your Questions Answered:

  • q-iconIn this just for experienced trainers?

    Absolutely not. Training New Moms was developed for both brand new and experienced trainers. For brand new trainers who might not yet be comfortable with jargon, we’ve provided a dictionary reference for all key terms.

  • q-iconIf I don't currently train pregnant women, why would I buy this?

    If you’re a serious trainer than you’re a part of your clients’ lives. If you train females, overwhelming odds are that one will get pregnant and have a child at some point. If you’re confident training new moms then you’ll keep your client. If you’re not, she’ll leave. It’s as simple as that.

  • q-iconHow is this material delivered

    Upon successful checkout you’ll receive an email confirmation. In that confirmation will be instructions on how to get immediate access. It should take as little as 5 minutes from checkout to full access.

  • q-iconHow long is the coupon code for 30% off good for?

    The coupon code “OFF30” expires September 14, 2014. There are no extensions. After that you’ve got to pay full price.

  • q-iconCan I get CEC's for this?

    Possibly. While this isn’t preapproved for CEC’s from any certifying body, almost any education technically counts. The process to petition for CEC’s changes from organization to organization but usually it’s as simple as filling out a form and sending in a letter or certificate stating the number of hours that the material takes to go through. Along with your package you’ll receive a certificate that you can use.

  • q-iconI have another question. Where can I ask it?

    Feel free to send an email to and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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